Set Yourself Up For Breastfeeding Success (In Under 40 Mins) Without Leaving The Comfort Of Your Own Home

Congratulations on your decision to breastfeed.

It was an easy decision for you to make because ...

  • You know it's the best choice for you and your baby
  • You know you'd feel disappointed if you didn't or couldn't breastfeed
  • You know you want to experience that unique mother-baby bond that breastfeeding provides

94% of Mothers Decide To Breastfeed Due To This ONE Reason...

94%* of Australian mothers decide to breastfeed because they believe it's the healthiest choice for their child.

And they're right — it is.

The incredible benefits of breastfeeding touch every area of a baby's life...

from the nutritional to immune benefits, to the intellectual, emotional and social, breastfeeding really is best choice to give your baby the best start to life.  

Not to mention the amazing maternal benefits.

While The Decision To Breastfeed May Be Easy, 

Breastfeeding Itself Rarely Is

baby on breast

Maybe you've heard and witnessed the breastfeeding struggle stories of friends and family ...

And you're determined to not have the same experience.

Perhaps you had a difficult and overwhelming breastfeeding journey last time ...

And you won't this experience to be easier.

breast crawl image

Or you're just not the type to 'wing it' when it comes to something as important as breastfeeding ...

And you know failing to prepare is preparing to fail.

Breastfeeding Can Be Desperately Challenging; In Fact Many Mothers Will Say It's Harder Than Giving Birth

So it's no surprise then that 85% of Australian women will have abandoned exclusive breastfeeding by the time their baby is just five months old.

Globally it's estimated that 2 out of 3 infants under six months are NOT being exclusively breastfed – a worrying rate that has not improved in over 20 years!

What's disheartening, though, is more than 1 in 3 Australian mothers when surveyed said their reasons for NOT breastfeeding were due to a 'previous unsuccessful experience'.

That means that 1 in 3 Australian mothers will abandon breastfeeding entirely if their previous attempt was unsuccessful.

Why Do So Many Mamas Give Up 

On Their Breastfeeding Dreams?

It's well known many breastfeeding mamas can experience ...

  • Nipple pain
  • Sore and cracked nipples
  • Milk supply issues
  • Engorgement
  • Painful let down
  • Mastitis
  • Tongue tie
  • Blocked ducts
  • An unsettled baby

  But Breastfeeding Problems Aren't The Real Reason A Mother Abandons Her Breastfeeding...

Most of the problems that arise during breastfeeding are symptoms of a far more systemic issue.

Every day, somewhere in the world, a pregnant woman will head to Google to answer her most top-of-mind questions and niggling concerns. 

And the Google search data doesn't lie...

  • There are more than double the monthly searches for 'birth classes' as there are for 'breastfeeding classes'
  • There are more than 50% more monthly searches for 'breastfeeding problems' than there is for 'preparing for breastfeeding'
  • And around 79 MILLION MORE articles, blogs and videos dedicated to 'breastfeeding problems' versus 'preparing for breastfeeding'
The importance of breastfeeding classes
breastfeeding problems

The reality is the majority of mamas-to-be will focus more on researching and preparing for their birth than they do for their breastfeeding. And this trend continues due to a long-held myth that because breastfeeding is natural it will therefore come naturally.

Truth be told, the time and energy you'll expend during labour doesn't even compare to the time and energy you'll expend during breastfeeding.

You Can Drastically Reduce Your Chances of Experiencing — Even Bypass Entirely — The Most Common Challenges Breastfeeding Mothers Will Face

The fact is there are only TWO key reasons why mamas give up breastfeeding earlier than they wanted to. 

The first reason, and arguably the most important one, is they didn't receive the best and most effective breastfeeding education before the birth of their baby.

It's a prevailing misconception that breastfeeding starts the minute your baby is born but, the the reality is, to successfully breastfeed your learning needs to start way earlier.

The good news?

Breastfeeding needn't be overwhelming, stressful or exhausting...

If you actively start preparing for breastfeeding in pregnancy you can leap over the common hurdles many breastfeeding mothers will come up against.

breastfeeding maternal instincts

But Wait! Don't Sign Up To Your Nearest Breastfeeding Class Just Yet... Here's One Thing Your 'Free' Class May Not Share With You... 

Apart from having to physically attend and sit through lengthy hospital classes, the hidden cost of many free classes is the outdated and incomplete breastfeeding information still being taught.

On top of this, most breastfeeding classes held in a hospital setting fail to mention the potential impacts birth interventions have on breastfeeding outcomes, which is critical to getting your breastfeeding off to the best of starts.

Plus there's a good chance they won't share with you the importance of the transformative Breast Crawl — a vital sequence any new mother planning to breastfeed needs to use.

woman with new baby


The Breastfeeding Course

A Superior Breastfeeding Course That Will Set You Up For Success In Under 40 Minutes — Even If Your Last Breastfeeding Journey Was A Struggle Or You're Starting With Zero Experience

Expertly created by a registered and endorsed midwife, The Breastfeeding Course is for the busy mama-to-be who wants to feel prepared and confident to breastfeed, but doesn't want to spend hours of her time figuring out how to do it.

Here's Just A Fraction Of 

What You Get In The Breastfeeding Course...

The Antenatal Breastfeeding Video

You'll learn how to take the first steps to building a perfect breastfeeding plan, which will ensure a plentiful milk supply when your baby arrives, as well as: 

  • Master hand expressing
  • Skin-to-skin timeframes
  • What to expect at the first breastfeed
  • Why you should not wash your breasts
  • Impact of dummies, formula and bottles
  • What to include in your breastfeeding plan

The Birth and Breastfeeding Video

You'll discover how the type of birth you have influences your breastfeeding in both good and bad ways, plus the negative side effects of medical interventions that no one speaks about in relation to your breastfeeding, as well as:

  • The amazing benefits of skin to skin and how you can use it to your advantage
  • Your brand new bubba (and how they use their senses to feed)
  • All about the Breast Crawl sequence 
  • How the third stage of labour impacts breastfeeding

The Postnatal Breastfeeding Video

You'll learn the two pillars of successful breastfeeding: positiong and attachment and how to get the two of those working together in harmony.

  • How to position your baby
  • The principles of successful attachment
  •  The 'Burger Trick'
  • When and how to detach your baby
  • The normal sucking pattern
  • Length of feeds
  • Milk Composition
  • Burping
  • Nipple shape
  • Offering the second side

PLUS: The Breast Crawl Video

By far one of the most influential factors in initiating successful breastfeeding... 

The Breast Crawl is a phenomenal sequence which will set you and your baby up for successful breastfeeding; and it's an equally extraordinary action to experience and witness — which you will with this amazing instructional video!

What Makes The Breastfeeding Course Different From Other Breastfeeding Education Material?

Learn In Under 40 Minutes: No More 200-Page Books Or Sitting Through Hours-Long Classes

Only Evidence-based, Results-Driven Advice From A Registered Midwife (Endorsed) and Leading Breastfeeding Educator: No More Listening To Conflicting Opinions From Family, Friends, And Biased Or Inexperienced Professionals

Fresh And Contemporary Content, Specifically Designed For The Modern Mama: No More Outdated, Ineffective And Boring Educational Material

What Are Breastfeeding Mamas Saying About The Breastfeeding Course?

Created by a Registered and Endorsed Midwife for First-Time Mamas and Mamas Who Struggled With Their Previous Breastfeeding Attempts

Amberley Harris Midwife

As a registered Midwife (endorsed) with over 11 years’ experience in the hospital setting and now in private practice, a mother to my own two darling humans, and as an influencer in the world of motherhood and maternal wellness with a highly engaged audience of over 22,000 followers on social media, it's brought to my awareness daily the overwhelm that mothers and mothers-to-be face in navigating the proliferation of overwhelming and conflicting breastfeeding information.

When you combine access to the best education (in pregnancy) with the right support (pre- and post-birth) you can skip being the next breastfeeding struggle story and instead have the successful breastfeeding story you dream of.

I specifically created The Breastfeeding Course for the time-pressed mama-to-be who values being prepared and confident to breastfeed, and wants to 

With The Best Education and Right Support, All Women Have The Ability To Successfully Breastfeed

Let's be honest: there's no shortage of breastfeeding information and advice out there, so if all that was required for a mama to succeed at breastfeeding was accessing this information and advice then, at the very least, breastfeeding statistics worldwide would be increasing — instead they are still decreasing.

If you're committed to succeeding at breastfeeding, what you don't need is more outdated, overwhelming and conflicting information...

What you do need is the RIGHT information — and ongoing support!


The breastfeeding course

Everything You Need To Know (Minus The Boredom) So You Can Succeed At Breastfeeding



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