Helping your clients successfully breastfeed just got easier...

Do you feel frustrated when your clients have breastfeeding challenges and you’re unsure how to help?


Do you wish your clients could rely on you to provide excellent breastfeeding support no matter the scenario which arises for them?

You're Not Alone

Some maternity care professionals graduate from their professional training with a little (or even no) education on how to support women to breastfeed.

Maybe you didn't initially intend on helping new mothers breastfeed but you're finding that your clients are looking to you for your advice and support.

Maybe you felt you were taught enough or you already knew enough that you believed you could be relied on to support a breastfeeding mother...

But now that you're acting on the knowledge you have, you realise what you know isn't enough or isn't working...

Or maybe you're aware you know 'a little' about breastfeeding support but you're now ready to know 'a lot' more...

It’s Time We Became A United Front So We Can Deliver Our Clients Superior Support And Accurate Advice When It Comes To Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding success rates around the world are alarmingly low.

Reasons for this are a’ plenty: medical interventions in the birth setting; poor maternity leave; the marketing of formula; the system failing women; I could go on… 

The women of today deserve to receive up-to-date, evidence-based breastfeeding support. 

The reality is there are maternity care professionals relying on personal opinions and/or personal experience for their breastfeeding information; however these sources are frequently outdated, inconsistent with modern science, and sadly too often influenced by industry messaging. 


The fact is as professionals we need to ensure our advice is consistent.


Consistency is a non-negotiable because the number one complaint from postnatal women is receiving conflicting advice from professionals in relation to breastfeeding.


As a maternity care professional, you're one of the first experts your clients meet on their mothering journey and your support is everything, so are you confident you can be trusted to provide the right support and advice?

The Good News Is You Don't Need To Undertake Lengthy and Expensive Specialised Training To Make A Significant Difference To A Breastfeeding Mother

Understandably most maternity care professionals aren't seeking to become an expert in breastfeeding; they just want to be confident that the advice and support they're offering to new breastfeeding mothers is correct, current and, most importantly, helpful. 

To have that though, you aren't wanting to have to invest in expensive, information-dense, hour-on-hour-long training programs, to sit exams or to certify (and re-certify) every few years.  

What you do want is to feel like you're up to date with the best evidence-based information and research, delivered to you in an easy-to-understand, contemporary and fresh way, so you can easily learn and retain the critical information that is going to make all the difference for your clients.

So What's Different About The Professional Breastfeeding Course?

Whether you are an experienced maternity care professional due for a refresher on breastfeeding or a newbie, this Professional Breastfeeding Course has been designed to teach you #allthethings when it comes to helping mothers learn how to breastfeed over those crucial first six weeks and beyond.

The Professional Breastfeeding Course is like nothing you'll have seen before.

This course will inspire you to confidently step in and offer your breastfeeding advice and support. 

It will provide you with up-to-date proven tips and tricks to help your clients overcome the most common breastfeeding problems that arise in the first six weeks and beyond, so they can succeed with their breastfeeding.

Lastly, this course has been made for those who like to ‘keep their finger on the pulse’ when it comes to latest research and products.

The world is ever evolving, and the breastfeeding space is no exception. Not only will your clients love you for introducing them to the latest must-have’s (and I’m not talking gimmicks here, I’m talking SUPER clever products), they will thank you for it.

So, if you want in improve your status and reputation by extending your breastfeeding knowledge…


…because you know how positively it reflects on you when your clients go on to successfully breastfeed…


…then this Professional Breastfeeding Course has you covered.

What Is Covered In The Professional Breastfeeding Course?


Module 1

Actionable ways to help your clients best prepare for breastfeeding, why antenatal expressing is essential, how aromas/fragrances negatively impact breastfeeding initiation and what to include in a breastfeeding plan.


Module 2

How birth-influences (medical interventions) affect breastfeeding so you know what to expect with these babies, the pivotal role skin-to-skin plays, how the brand new bubba is driven to breastfeed and why third stage matters.


Module 3

The importance of the first breastfeed, your role in the magical hour, each step of the Breast Crawl (so you know what to expect), what Baby-Led Attachment looks like and when maternal assisted attachment is needed.


Module 4

The four breastfeeding holds including how to choose the best fit for your clients, how to help your clients achieve correct positioning and attachment and influences on milk composition (foremilk and hindmilk).


Module 5

The types of milk (colostrum, transition milk, mature milk), ways to top baby up with colostrum/breastmilk which won't negatively impact their attachment at the breast and the ins and outs on milk sharing.


Module 6

How to adequately assess milk supply, the types of jaundice (physiological, breastmilk and pathological) including ways to differentiate and how to increase a mothers milk supply.


Module 7

How to phase out formula, phasing out bottles plus how to introduce a bottle of expressed breastmilk, expressing with a breast pump, breast and nipple care (including ways to resolve; blocked ducts, mastitis, nipple vasospasm and nipple infections), how to ascertain when a nipple shield is helpful plus how and when to phase it out.

Take a Sneak Peak For Yourself.

Watch now and hear me share why this course is for you...

Here's What Birth Professionals Say...

"Amberley is a professional hell bent on improving global breastfeeding statistics and I would be bloody surprised if she didn't make this happen...

In a world of outdated information and uninspiring educational content on how to successfully breastfeed, Amberley is making feeding your baby as nature intended, really freaking cool again. She's creating a bold community of breastfeeding advocates and helping those who wish to breastfeed find the guidance & support they need to do so in a way that is compassionate and balanced..."

Angela Gallo  //  Founder of Dynamo Doula Training | Doula Educator 

As a midwife with over 11 years of clinical experience, a number of years teaching future generations of midwives as a university lecturer, and a mama of 3 little people, I am well aware of the information out there for new and expectant mothers on feeding their baby. It can be overwhelming for new mums to navigate through all this to find sensible, evidence based advice... Watching Amberley’s videos makes it easy to understand why so many mums are keen to engage the services of Maternal Instincts.

Stef Zugna //  Midwife

Created by Amberley Harris, a Midwife and Breastfeeding Consultant, For Midwives, Nurses, Doulas, Childbirth Educators, Hypnobirthing Teachers and Other Maternity Care Professionals

If we haven’t crossed paths before, I’m Amberley, a Melbourne-based Midwife in private practice, Founder of Maternal Instincts by Amberley, a breastfeeding consultancy business, and co-producer of two darling humans.


I have been a Midwife for over 10 years, supporting new mothers in both public and private hospitals throughout the motherhood continuum.


My move to entrepreneurship was for two reasons. Firstly, because this is where I know I can make significant, impactful change to the world's breastfeeding statistics and, secondly, I can be philanthropic every step of the way.


My mission is to create a movement. 

A movement which aligns with key aspects of the World Health Organisation guidelines. A movement where my content plays a role in supporting women to learn how to breastfeed over the first 6 weeks, so they can go on to exclusively breastfeed for 6 months and complementary feed (breastfeeding and food) until their child turns 2 years of age or beyond (#662).


Want to be part of the change? Want to positively shape the health and wellbeing of baby(s), mothers, families and communities? 


Join me and help make #662 happen in your clients lives.


Together, we are going to change the world.


To help your clients join the #662 movement you'll need to have access to the right information, and you can start today by enrolling in the Professional Breastfeeding Course...


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