Breastfeeding Breakthrough Digital Appointment Booking

The Breastfeeding Breakthrough Digital Appointment

booking process is as follows:

1. Complete and submit the questionnaire below

2. Pay for your Breastfeeding Breakthrough Digital Appointment ($160AUD)

3.  Choose your appointment day/time

*Please note:  the most common reasons for seeking a Breastfeeding Breakthrough Digital Appointment are listed below. If your reason for seeking your appointment is not listed, please choose 'Other', you will then be required to provide further information before progressing with your booking.

1. Please choose the reason(s) you're seeking a Breastfeeding Breakthrough Session. You may choose as many as apply to you. If you don't see a reason here that fits, please choose 'other'. If you choose 'other' you will be required to submit further information prior to proceeding with your booking.

Nipple pain/damage
Low supply
Phasing out formula
Phasing out nipple shield
Baby biting
Introducing solids
Breast refusal
Returning to work
Building EBM supply
Low weight gain
Introducing bottle

2. What is your first name?

3. What is your last name?

4. Please select how you would like to communicate on our appointment:

Phone (No Video)

5. Please enter your phone number (even if you chose Skype)

6. If you chose Skype, what is your Skype handle?

7. What is your baby's name? (If this appointment is for more than one baby, for example twins, type both names separated by a comma). If you're pregnant and would rather not give a name, type N/A.

8. What number is this baby for you? (Example: type 1 for first child, 2 for second child, Etc.)

9. If you have other children, please list their names and their age in brackets, using a comma to separate each child.

10. What is your partner's name? (type N/A if not applicable)

11. Where did you give birth or where do you plan to give birth?

12. What is your baby's birth date or due date (whichever applies). Enter as DD/MM/YYYY

13. What is your suburb and state (Example: Fitzroy, VIC). If you live outside Australia, please enter your country.

14. What is your email address?

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