Are Outdated and Boring Breastfeeding Resources Impacting Your Professional Reputation (and your client's chances of successfully breastfeeding) 

If you care about mothers and babies, and you believe breastfeeding is a critically important skill, then you must already know that providing the absolute best resources and information is paramount to your client's success.

However, the unfortunate reality is not all educational resources are created equally!

Let's be honest: there's no shortage of breastfeeding information in existence, so if all that was required for a mother to succeed at breastfeeding was having access to this information, then breastfeeding statistics worldwide would be increasing — instead they are decreasing.

The reality is, a mother-to-be who intends on breastfeeding doesn't NEED more information; what she needs is access to THE RIGHT information, from a professional she trusts to help her. 


What If You Could Share With Your Clients ONE Captivating 9-Minute Video That Would Potentially Increase Their Chances of Successfully Breastfeeding?

As a birth professional it's very likely you've heard about, witnessed, taught — maybe even experienced it for yourself — the Breast Crawl. 

The Breast Crawl is arguably one of the most influential factors in initiating successful breastfeeding. It's a phenomenal sequence which sets a mother and baby up for successful breastfeeding; and it's an equally extraordinary action to experience and witness.

When a baby is given the opportunity to follow its instincts and self attach at the first breastfeed, he/she will be far more likely to attach properly at subsequent feeds. 

Make no mistake, a mother who lets her baby complete the breast crawl is going to gain immense confidence in her relationship with her baby.

This innately simple yet undervalued and significant act lays the crucial foundation from which mother and baby can build upon their successful breastfeeding journey.

And while there's no shortage of breastfeeding education videos in existence which focus on breastfeeding in the first few days and weeks... 

baby on breast
breast crawl image

... it's the Breast Crawl where the foundation is laid — this is where the magic begins.

Your Professional Success Ultimately Depends on Your Client's Success

You're a passionate birth professional determined to see your client's succeed, but it doesn't matter if you're the best in the world at what you do, when you have to share educational material and teach, you're still competing with dwindling attentions spans, information overload (aka pregnancy brain!) and dismal selective retention. 

For this reason alone it's critical that the educational resources you do offer as an expert are compelling, engaging and relevant, so the vital information you do share is not only retained, but is actually applied when the time comes.

The problem is the Breast Crawl resources available right now to expecting families are outdated, dull and uninteresting. 

While the Breast Crawl isn't a new trend, there's no excuse for the recycling of predictable and bland resources. The modern day woman desires her information be presented to her in a way that speaks to her. She's looking to be inspired, moved but most importantly given evidence-based information in a meaningful way.

How Will Sharing The Breast Crawl Video Help Your Clients (and Simultaneously Boost Your Expertise) ?

Your client will be more committed to allowing the breastfeeding process to unfold organically, which will in turn increase her chances of getting her breastfeeding off to the best of starts.  

Your client will be more in tune and receptive to their baby's cues, all of which instills a deep confidence and self assurance to early mothering.

Your client will be informed and empowered to talk to their care providers prior to birth, to ensure no one interferes with this sequence.  

Your client will be aware on how to actively avoid the negative influences that can impact on success of the breast crawl.

Elevate your expert reputation in the eyes of your clients as a professional who stays in-the-know on all the best resources.

Demonstrate your competence by only sharing information that is succinct and doesn't overwhelm your clients.

Enjoy the benefits of increased referrals from happy clients who have acted upon the knowledge you've provided and received the outcomes they desired.

No longer be embarrassed by uninspiring and outdated breastfeeding videos.

So What's Different About This Breast Crawl Video?

This unique 9-minute video contains contemporary footage of a breast crawl following a normal physiological birth, which was wonderfully on the toilet no less! The footage is fresh, engaging and is going to inspire all mothers-to-be to commit to trying the breast crawl with their own baby.

Watch An Intro to The Breast Crawl Video Now!

Take a sneak peak of The Breast Crawl Video...

Here's What Birth Professionals Are Already Saying About The Breast Crawl Video

"Amberley is a professional hell bent on improving global breastfeeding statistics and I would be bloody surprised if she didn't make this happen...

In a world of outdated information and uninspiring educational content on how to successfully breastfeed, Amberley is making feeding your baby as nature intended, really freaking cool again. She's creating a bold community of breastfeeding advocates and helping those who wish to breastfeed find the guidance & support they need to do so in a way that is compassionate and balanced..."

Angela Gallo  //  Founder of Dynamo Doula Training | Doula Educator 

"In her new video “The Breast Crawl”, Amberley’s passion for breastfeeding, combined with some beautiful imagery, has led to an informative, evidence-based video that all new mothers and midwives should see...

As a midwife with over 11 years of clinical experience, a number of years teaching future generations of midwives as a university lecturer, and a mama of 3 little people, I am well aware of the information out there for new and expectant mothers on feeding their baby. It can be overwhelming for new mums to navigate through all this to find sensible, evidence based advice... Watching Amberley’s videos makes it easy to understand why so many mums are keen to engage the services of Maternal Instincts.

Stef Zugna //  Midwife

michelle clift hypnobirthing

"Amberley's Breast Crawl Video is honestly one of a kind...

Since teaching childbirth education since early 2016, I have struggled to find a modern yet educational video of the breast crawl to show in my classes. When I saw Amberley’s video for the first time, I was blown away, not just by the quality but by the in depth explanation and demonstration of the breast crawl. My students love this video and I love showing it. This video is a must have for all childbirth educators and a must see for those planning to breastfeed. 

Michelle Clift //  HypnoBirthing Educator and Doula 

Created by Amberley Harris, a Midwife and Breastfeeding Consultant, For Midwives, Doulas, Lactation Consultants, Breastfeeding Counsellors, Childbirth Educators, Hypnobirthing Teachers and Other Birth Professionals

amberley harris maternal instincts

As a Midwife with over 11 years’ experience in the hospital setting, as a mother to my own two darling humans, and as a micro-influencer in the world of motherhood and maternal wellness, with a highly engaged audience of over 12,000 followers on social media, it's brought to my awareness daily the overwhelm that mothers and mothers-to-be face in navigating the proliferation of breastfeeding information.

I also know as a professional how critical it is to my reputation and the success of my own business that I'm at the forefront of providing only the best, reputable and evidence-based resources so my clients are given the absolute best opportunity to reach their breastfeeding goals.

It's when my clients succeed and get the results they hoped for, that my referral rates rise, I see an increase in glowing testimonials and an exponential boost in all the metrics that are needed to consistently grow a profitable and sustainable business — and build an expert reputation. 

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